Seven Variations on a Love Story

“Joan Wickersham makes a triumphant return to fiction with The News From Spain…Wickersham articulates subtleties of human behavior that ordinarily elude language altogether; she unveils her characters’ unacknowledged thoughts and emotions in a terse style that defies cliché in its commitment to realism. Wickersham paints everyday yet complex portraits of love, filigreed with truths that resonate.”

               – Catherine Straut, Elle

April 7, 2014
Reading hosted by 
AGNI magazine at
Porter Square Books
Cambridge, MA

Week of June 22-27
Teaching at the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA

July 9, 2014
GFWC Book & Author Luncheon
Narragansett, RI

July 10, 2014
Union Church Speaker Series
Biddeford Pool, ME

Week of August 11
Teaching at Vermont College of Fine Arts Postgraduate Writing conference

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T O  O R D E R   B O O K S


Barnes &


June 13, 2014
Advice from 617 years of marriage


"[W]ise and courageous and often brilliant . . . . The News From Spain is a wonderfully imaginative and original book that should be cherished now, as surely as it will be cherished in the future by anyone interested in the evolution of the American short story."

            Roberta Silman, The Boston Globe

“An ode to heartbreak and regret. . .Wickersham's gift is for capturing the habits of mind that lead even smart people to deceive themselves...her book makes you slow down and listen, and then watch for people to reveal themselves.”

                    New York Times Book Review

“In each of these seven piercing stories, Joan Wickersham reveals uncanny and complex parallels that occur when very different people love each other under very similar circumstances. . . The doubts and tenderness they share . . .are ones that only the finest fiction can create, because you, the reader, feel as much or more than anyone on the page.”

                    – Leigh Newman, “Book of the Week”

“Joan Wickersham has done it again: astonished, enchanted, and moved me . . . . Like Alice Munro at her best.”

                     – Julia Glass, author of Three Junes and The Widower’s Tale

“Elegantly structured, emotionally compelling…Wickersham dissects the human heart with precision and restraint that make her work all the more moving. Short stories don’t get much better than this.

                      – Kirkus Reviews, Best Books of 2012

“A gorgeous, completely original work. I loved it.”

                     – André Gregory, director and actor

                         My Dinner With André and Vanya on 42nd Street